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In Memory of Betty Twigg

Some photos of Betty Boop as well as scans of the program and leaflet from the funeral. Betty is someone we’ll always remember, as she was very active in the Notables Organ Club. What would we have done without her singing for us? Without her leadership as president of the club? Without her sense of humor? Without her suggestions and excellent ideas? Without her concern for others? We’re not the only ones who will miss Betty. She was also very active in her church, Trinity Lutheran, and in the Ladybirds, and a number of other organizations, including her bowling team! Rest in peace, Betty with no physical pain or worry! We love you!


First Get Together of the Notables

Hi, folks – This is a reminder of Rosie’s and Diane’s Pizza Party to be held at Rosie’s house (17 Roselawn Avenue) at 12:30 TOMORROW (Wednesday, January 13th) at 12:30 p.m. If you know...



Hi, Notables. Hope you have enjoyed your Christmas Holidays. Happy New Year to each and every one of you! Enjoying this nice Winter weather we’ve been having? I think we’ve been quite lucky with...


Class Updates December 16th

We discussed details regarding the In Class Christmas Party. Students are to bring various refreshments, and the slider sandwich tray from Martin’s will be ordered by Ellie and Frank. Judy Miller will make and decorate a carrot cake for our dessert. Ellie and Frank will pick up the cake early, prior to class. Earlene will be attending the party. She’s included in the gift exchange. Also, Linda Winebrenner. If you bring Christmas cards for one another, please remember Earlene and Linda. I usually bring a couple of blank cards in case someone shows up that we didn’t expect.


Class Updates December 9th

Ellie went over the “DATE” to Remember and reminded folks to bring their contributions of refreshments for the party on December 23rd. We talked about who would bring what for that occasion so we wouldn’t duplicate one another and so we will have a balance of refreshments. Thanks, Shirley, for handling that for us. Also, she reminded people about writing Jingles for the person whose name they drew for the gift exchange and to bring their gifts the day of the party. John Lynch is doing as well as possible. He actually drove himself to dialysis one day last week. Betty Twigg has been experiencing some strange behavior of her pacemaker and is waiting to hear from whoever keeps track of that for her. In the meantime, the problem has subsided and that’s a good thing. Both Diane and Rosie were absent today as they had a Christmas luncheon with their church group. We missed them. Please remember that we want to establish the date for our first get together “after the fact” before we disband on the 23rd.


Class Updates December 2nd

Ellie went over the dates as shown on the whiteboard in the Keyboard World Classroom. Everyone knew of the final Christmas Quarterly that was scheduled for December 2nd. Those interested exchanged names for a Christmas gift exchange to be held at the in-class Christmas party on the 23rd. The price limit is $10. Please write a message or jingle to the person to whom you’re presenting a gift. We’ll talk about this in class next Wednesday (Dec. 9).


Class Updates November 18th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the Keyboard World Classroom white board. It is important that you realize that since we do not meet on November 25th because of Thanksgiving responsibilities at home, the NEXT WEEK’S CLASS WILL BE THE CHRISTMAS QUARTERLY! We talked about this in class, and I’m reminding you again in these Updates. If I get the newsletter completed, we’ll mail it to you all with a “rundown” of all that’s going on with the Notables schedule.


Class Updates November 11th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the white board in the Keyboard World Classroom. We were unhappy to hear that John Lynch was admitted into WMHS again this past Sunday evening, though he is at home again now. I believe he is going to be on oxygen at home now to assist him with his breathing problem. Diane also made a trip to the hospital because of an excruciating back pain. Medical tests did not reveal the cause of the extreme pain. No further updates about her condition have come to my attention at this time. Elaine Twigg is going to have a surgical procedure to burn the cancerous spot on her liver this coming Tuesday, November 17th. At the end of today’s class, we have a scheduled Executive Committee Meeting.


Class Updates November 4th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the white board in the Keyboard World Classroom. We discussed briefly that the menu for the Christmas Quarterly would be a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Dessert will be carrot cake and, perhaps, pumpkin pie! The group would like to go to Traditions sometime before the snow flies and we disband, but we didn’t set a date for this.