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In Memory of Dot Radcliffe

The Notables were saddened by the death of Dorothy Radcliffe on March 18, 2014. She had suffered tremendously for months with her persistent symptoms – broken wrist, swollen ankles, fluid retention, congestive heart failure,...

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Class Updates April 2nd

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the white board in the Keyboard World Classroom. She told the group about the Volunteer Dinner at Devlin Manor next Wednesday evening (April 9th) at 7 p.m. Four of the Notables will be attending that event (Bill & Ellie Ewing and Carol & Emma Harr). Ellie also passed around the sign-up book and requested titles for next Friday’s organ performance at Goodwill/Horizon (April 11th at 12:30). If you have not indicated your titles, please call or email them to Ellie as soon as possible so that she may proceed with the program…

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Class Updates March 26th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the whiteboard in the Keyboard World classroom. We made several pertinent announcements, especially about Wednesday’s Quarterly Meeting and listened to the Do The Bunny Hop recording in preparation for one of the meeting’s activities. Everybody was bemoaning the fact that spring is ignoring the calendar and it’s still too cold to be comfortable. Better days are on the way, folks! Ellie announced that we would shift from “body parts songs” to a focus on “transportation songs.”

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Class Updates March 19th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember and reminded folks that the Spring Quarterly is one week from today. Please don’t forget your contributions to the Jumble Sale. That has been an excellent fundraiser for the club. Also, don’t forget your decorated Easter bonnet! Everyone was dismayed over the loss of Dot Radcliffe who passed away on March 18th at WMHS. We are all awaiting the obituary with the details about the funeral arrangements, visitation, etc.

The first player in today’s session was Bill Ewing, who played Sunshine On My Shoulder on the Fanfare Lowrey Organ. His Background Rhythm was Country, and his Right Hand Voices were Strings and Guitar. Bill’s Tempo was 94 (?) and he played the Programmed Ending. Thank you, Bill. Not too many elected to play that selection. You did a fine job of that!

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Class Updates March 12th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the Keyboard World Classroom whiteboard. She emphasized the upcoming gig (our first in a long while) at Frostburg Nursing & Rehab at 1 p.m. this coming Friday. Ellie passed around a sign-up sheet for the gig, plus a draft of the program for the Friday gig (where Dot Radcliffe is now) and asked people to sign up their titles if they had not already submitted them. Another handout was a flier about the upcoming National Christian Choir concert at St. Luke’s Church on March 29th (see above). Ellie played excerpts from one of the choir’s CDs for everyone to hear.

We then began our organ playing segment for today, beginning with…

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Class Updates March 5th

Ellie welcomed the Notables group to class. We’ve met so spasmodically of late because of the weather, that we haven’t seen as much of each other, but today we met with no problems! Rosie and Diane were absent due to a death in the family. Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and especially talked about the March 14th gig at Frostburg Nursing & Rehab (former St. Vincent’s) at 2:00 p.m. This was set up specifically because of Dot Radcliffe being there and perhaps she will play a couple of songs! The gig is one week from this Friday, so please call or email your titles to Ellie ASAP. Sorry I didn’t bring in a sign-up sheet, but please mark your calendars for Friday, March 14th at 2:00. Shirley and Harold will not be at home when this event occurs because they’ll be on their trip to Arizona, so we need all the players we can get—even Dot herself!

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Class Updates February 12th

Ellie welcomed the group back after yet ANOTHER class cancellation. Everyone seemed happy to see one another. We all noticed an unusually HIGH number of druggies coming to the drug treatment center at the end of the strip where Keyboard World is located. Literally all the parking places were taken and cars were lined up on National Highway waiting to enter the parking lot. Mike got stuck behind the KBW where he had gone when he could not find another place to leave his car. After class Robbie helped guide Mike as he backed out of the so-called parking spot he was in. Then we¬†all headed to Western Sizzlin’ for lunch and the Executive Committee Meeting in that order!

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Joe Radcliffe’s Funeral

We’ve said farewell to Joe Radcliffe at a lovely funeral. It was good to see so many Notables there and good to see Dot herself there (and at the viewing). Below is a sampling of photos from the funeral. Included are scans of the obituary for Joe from the Times-News as well as the funeral card from the service. We’ve also include scans of the obituary for Martha Filsinger and her funeral card as well, since she was a former Notable. You can see these photos and many more at Ellie’s photo album: Joe Radcliffe’s Funeral on Google+.

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In Memory of Joe Radcliffe

Bad news, folks. Joe Radcliffe passed away this morning at WMHS. Dot just called me to let me know. She said she’d like me to notify the Notables. Apparently, they put in a food tube, but the food didn’t go into his stomach and was filling up his lungs. His heart just stopped…