The Notables

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Class Updates September 17th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the white board in the Keyboard World Classroom. We welcomed back Betty Twigg, who has been absent for several sessions now, and noted that the Ewings are on vacation this week. We discussed the dates which occur around the holidays and students agreed to what is published in the above list. The date for the Christmas Quarterly still needs to be confirmed by the church ladies at Midland UMC…

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Class Updates Septemer 10th

Ellie distributed the Fall issue of Musically Speaking to class members; other copies were mailed to those on our distribution list. Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and in the copy of the newsletter that people received this morning. She reminded folks of tomorrow’s gig at Golden Living Center and suggested that people use the Adventurer Lowrey Organ in class today to re-acquaint themselves with the organ we use for our gigs. Betty Twigg is back home after her grandson Chris’ back surgery which was done on Friday (September 5). Chris is also home but in pain and needing assistance in these first few days following the procedure. Betty is helping him while the kids are in school and Anna is at work. She’s tired, she says, but she’s doing alright. She may be back in class on the 17th of September and she definitely plans to attend the Fall Quarterly…

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Class Updates September 3rd

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the whiteboard in the Keyboard World Classroom. The group discussed Bill and Ellie Ewing’s encounter with a bee’s nest; Ellie explained that Betty Twigg’s absence was due to her having to transport her grandson, Chris, to Ruby Memorial for pre-op tests and for the back surgery, which is this Friday (Sept. 5). John Lynch is still not well. He has no stamina and is going for medical tests. Sylvia explained that Elaine is going to have a hernia repair done on September 30th.

We saw flyers regarding two activities that may be of interest to you. They’re both listed with time and date in the Dates to Remember above. One is the Boy’s Choir at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. The other is an Accordionist Concert at the Cumberland Theater on Johnson Street on September 9th at 7 p.m. Check out listing in Dates to Remember for specifics.

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Class Updates August 27th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember and reminded students that class will begin earlier on September 10 because of our intended trip to Traditions immediately thereafter. We were sad to hear that John Lynch had to be hospitalized because of such low blood readings at his regular Friday checkup. He is home now but has appointments with various doctors to determine why he is losing blood. Please keep him in your prayers. Betty Twigg’s back has improved considerably. Her final therapy treatment was held this week at Progressive. She is very concerned about her grandson, Chris, who will undergo surgery on his back on September 5th and who will require some care for a number of weeks after surgery during his recovery period. Please keep him in your prayers. Bill and Ellie Ewing were stung multiple times by a swarm of bees; however, they’re over that problem now. Harold Hoopengarner was having vertigo problems prior to today’s class and continuing on. He’s on medication and seems very lethargic. Prayers requested for Harold. Shirley Hoopengarner’s ankle is improving, and the boot support she’s now wearing is considerably smaller than the one she had at first. All the Batchelors are suffering with sinus or virus issues of some sort. Not fun! Take care of yourselves, everybody!

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Class Updates August 20th

There were six people in attendance on this date. Many of them played more than one selection. The individuals included Mike Gallaher, Diane Morgan, Sylvia Twigg, Harold Hoopengarner, Rosie Morgan, and Shirley Hoopengarner…

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Class Updates August 13th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the whiteboard in the Keyboard World Classroom. She pointed out that WE HAVE A GIG at Golden Living on September 11th (see above). She passed around the Sing Up Book so students could sign up to participate in this activity.

Today was the August Executive Committee Meeting, and we all met at Oscar’s for that. It was nice to be back there once again…

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Class Updates August 6th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the Keyboard World classroom whiteboard. We announced that Bill Ewing was absent because of a doctor’s appointment, no doubt about his kidney stones with which he is suffering. We wish him good luck with his imminent surgery. Shirley Hoopengarner’s fractured ankle is getting better, but she is still in some pain. We passed around a get well card to send to Mary Schaver, who fell recently and damaged herself. Hope she’s healing well.

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Class Updates July 30th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the whiteboard in the Keyboard World Classroom. We were pleased so see that Shirley Hoopengarner is able to get around on her walking cast and that she was present in class today. Nice to hear that Sylvia Twigg is feeling better after getting an antibiotic from the doctor to heal her recent severe cold. Sylvia told us today that Elaine is doing better and that she may even attend class next week. That would be nice! Bill Ewing is suffering with kidney stones in both kidneys and will probably have to have surgery for at least one of them. He was in the hospital again on Saturday (07/27) with severe pain, which he said was 12 on a scale of 1 to 10! Emma Harr was also ambulanced to the hospital because of a nasty bladder infection several days ago. Betty Twigg threw her back out at the Bowling Alley on Monday and will be undergoing therapy for that. We’re all deteriorating. Do take care of yourself and pray for those who are having so much trouble…

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Class Updates July 23rd

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the whiteboard in the Keyboard World Classroom. Things were bustling in the classroom today, as we had planned to do a birthday celebration for Diane Morgan. Ellie Ewing and Shirley Hoopengarner arrived with fresh cucumbers and various types of squash for anyone who wished to take one or more home. Ellie had brought in some slacks to give to anyone who wore the size. So, yes, everybody was going in different directions. Diane had an appointment in Cumberland at 10 o’clock and Rosie wasn’t sure she’d make it back in time for her SURPRISE PARTY, but she did! John was with her and he had been clued in about the surprise and succeeded in getting Diane there in a timely manner without giving away the surprise. The party went off without a hitch, and we thank Rosie for the refreshments and Frank for being our “delivery boy!” Happy Birthday, Diane, on the 27th!

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Class Updates July 16th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the whiteboard in the Keyboard World Classroom. We discussed Harry Twigg’s funeral, which is tomorrow (07/17) at Rocky Gap at 1:00 p.m. We passed around a sympathy card to send to Elaine Twigg and changed the restaurant for today’s lunch from Sand Spring to Texas Grill House…