The Notables

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Class Updates September 23rd

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the whiteboard in the Keyboard World Classroom. Last minute decisions were made about today’s Fall Quarterly. Everyone was concerned about Rosie Morgan’s TIA, which she had on Sunday evening (Sept. 20th). She spent the night in the hospital. She did attend class this date (09/23), but she did not play the organ in class; nor did she accompany Betty Twigg during the program at Midland. We’re all praying for Rosie and hope she has no further complications.

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Class Updates September 16th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the Keyboard World whiteboard. We were pleased to see Diane Morgan back in class for the first time since her recent surgery. She has, however, been having some additional tests since class, but the results of those are not yet available. We all wondered by Bill Ewing wasn’t in class, but I remember that Ellie said they were going to be on vacation this past week. Mike Gallaher is having problems with a hernia from the heavy lifting and hauling that he did during his recent move. He is likely to have to go to Martinsburg, WV, for a hernia repair soon. They are to call him for a consultation appointment within the next week. Don’t forget Wednesday, September 23, is the date of our quarterly. Jumble sale items are needed. After the Fall Quarterly, we will be shifting our focus in organ class to Country! Please note on your calendars—Allegany County Nursing Home chose the November 20th date for our gig!

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Class Updates September 9th

Ellie distributed copies of the Fall issue of Musically Speaking and directed the students’ attention to the Notable Events or Dates to Remember as printed there. We were extremely happy to see Diane Morgan back in class today. She looks great and is so much more comfortable, though she’s still going through various doctor’s appointments, etc. Take care of yourself, Diane. You’re still on lots of prayer lists! After class we had a very brief Executive Committee Meeting in which we heard the Secretary’s (Diane’s) report and the Treasurer’s (Rosie’s) report. We established a tentative date for the Christmas Quarterly, which will be the final one. We have requested suggestions and other ideas that we may want to implement to make the final quarterly special, and we are open to these at any time now. Christmas will be here before we know it!

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Class Updates September 2nd

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember, which are winding down for the Notables as we approach the last months of the club’s existence. We’re coming right up on the Fall Quarterly, so please pay Rosie for your meal and invite friends, family and former Notables to joint us for this event! It will be a good one!

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Class Updates August 26th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above. Diane Morgan is still in a lot of pain and is very uncomfortable; John Lynch is about the same—weak and no stamina. Bill Ewing is suffering with kidney stones, though he was in class this date. Betty Twigg was absent because she had had a very bad night the previous night. We encouraged folks to pay Rosie for their meal at the Fall Quarterly ($11). Also, Ellie suggested that the group practice this day on the Adventurer in preparation for the gig on September 11th. Folks were asked to write in their titles for the program.

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Class Updates August 19th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the whiteboard in the Keyboard World Classroom. Rosie reports that Diane is in a good bit of pain and that she is unable to take the pain medication as she’s allergic to it. She has been back to the surgeon for followup appointments a couple of times. John was in the hospital a week ago, but he’s back at home now.

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Class Updates August 12th

Ellie went over the Dates to remember as shown above and on the white board in the Keyboard World Classroom. We spoke of Diane and John and their health issues. John is still in the hospital and Diane is doing fairly well. Today she has an appointment at the oncologist’s office and tomorrow she has a follow-up visit with the surgeon. Sadly, two of our Notables have passed away this month, Martha Shimer and Lurene Seekamp. They are in our prayers as are their survivors.

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Class Updates August 5th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the white board of the Keyboard World Classroom. Ellie announced that the August Executive Committee will be a brief one just to discuss the procedures/entertainment/menu for the Fall Quarterly (September 23). By the way the date was erroneously published in last week’s updates. September 23rd is the CORRECT Date.

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Class Updates, July 29th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the whiteboard in the Keyboard World Classroom. It has been decided that we don’t really need formal Executive Committee Meetings anymore. We will plan the Fall Quarterly Meetings and make any pertinent announcements on the 2nd Wednesday of the remaining months before we disband.

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Class Updates July 23rd

Dates to Remember: August 12—Executive Committee Meeting (TBA) August 19—Deadline for Musically Speaking. August 29—National Christian Choir at St. Luke’s at 6 p.m. September 9—Executive Committee Meeting (TBA) September 23—Fall Quarterly at Midland Grace...