The Notables

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Class Updates March 18th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the white board in the Keyboard World Classroom. The students were reminded to pay Rosie for their meal at the upcoming Quarterly. Also, they need to pay their dues ($25.00) for the Notables Organ Club any time now. The treasury is LOW! We discussed who’s bringing what. Individuals are asked to bring their own drinks. Sylvia is bringing popcorn; Bill is bringing chips. Please don’t forget to bring “whatever” for the Jumble Sale.

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Class Updates March 11th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and we talked about our members who are ill or having difficulty of some sort—Rosie Morgan, Diane Morgan, John Lynch, and Betty Twigg. Their situations are improving somewhat, but they have a long way to go. Betty Twigg’s grandson, Chris, is to be operated on tomorrow in Hagerstown, as far as we know.

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Class Updates March 4th

We have five people who are very ill right now—Rosie Morgan with bronchitis or pneumonia. The medics don’t seem to be sure which problem is what Rosie is experiencing. Diane Morgan with pneumonia. She’s on antibiotics and bed rest. John Lynch who has on-going health issues involving dialysis for stage IV kidney disease, breathing difficulties and more. Betty Twigg has had an intestinal virus of some sort, which has also gone all through her grandson’s family. They got over the virus quickly, but Betty has been severely weakened by it. Shirley Hoopengarner has ongoing problems with her rheumatoid arthritis. The pain is very bad now. Everything hurts. She has made arrangements to go to Dr. Day’s Pain Management group to see if that will help. We could write about other aches and pains and health issues, as our group is aging, and people our age spend more time in doctors’ offices and hospitals and funerals than they do at weddings and baby showers. That’s for sure!

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Class Updates February 18th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the Keyboard World white board. She checked with Betty Twigg to see if she has contacted Marshall Armentrout regarding playing music for the March 25th Spring Quarterly and inquired as to whether or not she and Rosie Morgan plan to do a duet or two for that event. Please advise Ellie as soon as possible as she is now actively working on the Spring issue of Musically Speaking.

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Class Updates February 11th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the white board in the Keyboard World Classroom. She distributed copies of the agenda for the February Executive Committee Meeting, which we began in class and continued (but unstructured) at DaVinci’s during lunch.

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Class Updates February 4th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the whiteboard at the Keyboard World Classroom. We were happy to see Rosie Morgan back in class and feeling so much better today. At the same time we were dismayed to hear of John Lynch’s continuing troubles. There is, however, a chance that he won’t have to go on dialysis right now. He has changed doctors to Dr. Welik. John remained in the hospital for today for chest x-rays and blood work. The medics are trying to improve his breathing problem. Nothing was said about correcting the losing of blood in the large intestine. Perhaps John was discharged from the hospital today, but I haven’t heard that for sure. Diane is going through a lot of stress and spending lots of hours in the hospital with John. Please pray for both of them. Betty Twigg missed class today because of a doctor’s appointment to see about her painful stomach and bloating. The doctor told her it was probably irritable bowel syndrome, but has scheduled several tests to confirm his diagnosis.

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Class Updates January 28th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember. The weather this day was not too good, and Carol Harr and her mom were unable to come. Rosie Morgan was sick with one of her dizzy spells and, therefore, missed class. Diane Morgan was total beat with all she’s going through with John’s situation. She has had him at the WMHS again (twice)for blood transfusions. The medical team has decided to put John on Dialysis starting on Tuesdays/Thursdays and Saturdays. We had neglected to determine a lunch venue for Wednesday’s class, and we agreed to go to Texas Grill House. Next week, we’ll go to Denny’s.

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Class Updates January 21st

Today was a snowy day, and attendance was therefore down some. Ellie went over the Dates to Remember as shown above and on the whiteboard in the Keyboard World Classroom. Despite the weather, six of us went to Shooter’s for lunch. John Lynch is in the hospital again with similar symptoms from before—lack of oxygen and stamina. Diane, therefore, was not able to attend class for that reason. Betty Twigg is suffering from a kidney infection and was absent from class. We did not hear from Sylvia Twigg.

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Class Updates January 14th

Ellie went over the Dates to Remember and then the group proceeded with the “abbreviated” Executive Committee Meeting, as we needed to determine the date and location for the Spring Quarterly. We agreed that we will have a Potluck luncheon at the Keyboard World location on March 25th. Judy Miller, of Grace UMC told Ellie that she will make us a carrot cake for the occasion! Diane Morgan read the minutes of our previous meeting, and Rosie Morgan gave the financial report. We couldn’t help but notice that our balance in the treasury is lower than it has ever been. Must be getting closer and closer to “dues are due” date!

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Class Updates January 7th

Ellie welcomed everyone back from the holidays. We went over the Dates to Remember, which you can see are very sparse. We have no gigs, and with weather like we’re having right now, we don’t really want any. We gave both Carol and Shirley birthday cards and sang to them as they have birthdays on January 7 and 11, respectively. Happy Birthday to Carol and Shirley!